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Arashi ni Shiyagare #130 (2013.04.27) with Okada Junichi as the guest

Um, I really am kind of shy and dislike causing a fuss, but I noticed that really soon after I posted a translation on my tumblr last night, it was completely reposted elsewhere without any reference or credit as to where they got it. Do you think it’s okay to ask them to at least link it back to me?

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Nino: From Penname “VS Nino”. When Haruna Ai was VS Arashi’s Plus One guest, I watched it. It seemed like everyone had fun. Following that, Ninomiya-san and Ohno-san performed Girl’s Generation, so I wondered if you had time to practice. Or if you performed if without rehearsal, that’s what I’m kind of curious about. Well actually, it was just a 2-3 minute conversation where we determined the general flow of it. Ah! But you know. I’ve been in Arashi, 10, 12 years?

Staff: Ah, yeah.

Nino: In the 15 years since I entered Johnny’s Jimusho, something occurred for the first time.

Staff: Oh!

Nino: In one week -

Staff: Yes.

Nino: I had dinner with Ohno-san twice.

Staff: Eh?

Nino: Isn’t that amazing?

Staff: Completely amazing. So you went together the two of you, that kind of thing?

Nino: No, with someone else.

Staff: Someone else. Huh? What happened?

Nino: Indeed, what happened.

Staff: So, who invited whom?

Nino: Um, well, no, somehow.. the first time, Leader and J were out eating together, right?

Staff: Ah, that’s rare.

Nino: Yeah. So then, I get a phone call.

Staff: Uh huh.

Nino: “Are you doing anything?” “No, I’m at home.” “I’m out eating with Leader, want to come?”

Staff: Oooh.

Nino: “Okay, I’ll come.” So I went.

Staff: I see!

Nino: So the three of us were out to eat.

Staff: You merged.

Nino: And we were drinking.

Staff: Uh huh.

Nino: J, well, he was already drunk, so I said, “I’ll take you to my house”, and we went to my house.

Staff: Uh huh.

Nino: So then it was the two of us drinking. The two us are drinking together a lot, J and I.

Staff: So it was like that!

Nino: Yeah, usually it’s the two us, me and J.

Staff: Yeah.

Nino: This time, with Leader joining, it became three.

Staff: That is considerable rare.

Nino: Definitely an unusual experience.

Staff: For sure.

Nino: And then it became three again, just yesterday.

[long story about Ohno, Nino and Kame going out drinking together and stuff about the painting Ohno gave Kame.]

Nino: From Penname “It can’t be helped that lately Jun-kun appears so cute”. From a recently published magazine, “out of Arashi songs which song do you like?” was the question answered. After seeing this on the front cover of the special edition, I got the magazine and couldn’t help but notice Jun-kun’s answer. I mean, normally Arashi choose a song that features all five members, but Jun-kun answered “Himitsu”. Therefore for him to dare choose your solo song, how he must like Ninomiya-san I thought! So, did Ninomiya-san ask Jun-kun why he chose Himitsu? I’m really interested. Definitely, please ask! By the way, Ninomiya-san’s answer was A・RA・SHI.

Staff: I see.

Nino: Well, J, it can’t be helped, J really likes me you see.

Staff: It is as such.

Nino: Yeah, it’s that I think. Well, it’s the same, me and J, we’re from the same youngest age group, so there’s also that.

Staff: Yes, yes.

Nino: Well…

Staff: So he likes Himitsu.

Nino: Seems that way.

Staff: Yep.

Nino: Eh, probably to a large extent, from the five member’s songs (…) somehow he said he likes it best.

Staff: He completely likes it!

Nino: To say, it seems unexpected that he gave out that type of information.

Staff: It’s not like that.

Nino: J you know, in a bit of a cheeky mood said “Hi-mi-tsu” more than likely. Well, saying he likes it in that kind of premise.

Staff: If you say so.

Nino: Don’t you think? For sure that’s how it is. Not picking something, J also doesn’t like that. Yeah. Isn’t it like that?

Staff: Ahh, I see.

Nino: Yeah, that’s what I think.

Nino on Bay Storm, 06/05/2011

"Q: In private, which member do you meet the most?
A: It’s probably become J. Yeah, I think so. You know recently, during the Shiyagare ‘Dark Restaurant’ segment, the owner of the yakisoba store referred to him as J. I was really happy."

Nino on Baystorm, 07/21/2013







Nino is kind of adorable.

kind of adorable? did you mean Nino is kind of sexy handsome man, who can change to so damn cute in one second?

deep, smouldering looks to gummy giggles behind his hand in an instant, how is Nino even real tbh


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