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♬♪♫きっとまた巡り合う someday~♬♪♫

Nino: Ah, the 15 year anniversary live in Hawaii is over. You know, it was really risky, honestly. For the sake of this radio show I immediately returned home. Literally. After all though I was just in time. I’m glad that it all ended safely. But you know, various things were difficult. Surely. But ah, the movie theatre screening. How was it, I wonder? There were people who viewed it in the theatre. I wonder if they were all seated. The actual people weren’t there, and seeing as it is a theatre you’d have to sit I think. When you consider that, it’s a bit like watching a live DVD on a big screen sitting with other people. Or something like that.

- Baystorm 2014/09/22

if you see a red head in the audience of VS Arashi tonight that’s me :D 

/ridiculously excited

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Mail: Do you have a favourite store that you frequent?

Nino: I wonder if it would be the place I went to the other day. It was the first time I’d gone. They did know I was coming. But you know, even though my face was concealed when I went to eat, the chopsticks were placed for me on the left hand side. I was pretty touched.

That’s amazing, I thought. Maybe they heard it from TV, but still, they got this information prior to me coming. Everyone always places the chopsticks on the right side, even though I’m left-handed. So yeah, I was touched. I’ve decided to always go to this shop.

Therefore it’s at the level that I want to marry my shop. (laughs) Though I never said it, I wanted a place that I often go to. And you know, the first time I went they placed the chopsticks on the left side for me and it made me happy.

And you know, it’s a reason to make the other people living a left-handed life happy, that type of consideration. It’s not a world of only right-handed people.

- Baystorm, 2014/09/14

"(A habit of yours) My habit, somehow when I have an important meeting my face looks like I’m silently considering what is being talked about. Though I’m always doing nothing but I always seem like I’m thinking about something, isn’t that a bit of a problem? In the end, it’s because I’m not sure what else to do. That kind of habit isn’t very good I think."

Nino, Baystorm 2013/12/08


omg look how jealous nino is

oh wait
there is no ohno in the screen

what do you mean this is nino’s natural facial expression and he is actually never jealous


I reckon it’s his “pretending to pay attention” face while he practices the piano on his legs

Ohno: Matsujun, in 2005 you really did your best. You were so busy.

Jun: Thanks Leader. (laughs) I really was busy.

Ohno: With your stage play,  MCing and also continuing with your drama, it must have been really hard.

Nino: Do you like Matsujun? 

Ohno: Yep~

Nino: The most?

Ohno: Yep~

- 2005.12 Monthly Television Guide


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