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Johnnys without Eyebrows 07/∞ : Matsumoto Jun


super cute~



#i really wish jun would work with a vocal coach for real #if he applied himself #and when does he not #great things could happen #also porny things if the coach was nino

yes yes why is this not a fic already?


Matsujun is good at behaving spoiled cos he has a sister. And he’s great at having people adore him. so he got me just like he got others. And he shows his feelings frankly. but he gets too nervous or over strained from time to time. Matsujun, sometimes it’s good to loosen up a little bit.”

"My pen case has been replaced. Matsujun got me one for my birthday. So it has changed from something I had no attachment at all to something precious I’ve received from a member.”

"I had totally forgotten about it, but he was supposed to be comedian of the group. And in good faith, he served out his role dutifully, even in the private photo. And once again, I felt great admiration for him, for he is really one who goes to great lengths to take on his work seriously.

"I have memories of talking often with Matsujun at the beginning when Arashi had just been formed, about "What should Arashi do from this point on?" For us, we started off as a group with no colours, like a blank sheet of paper, so there were a lot of things we were uneasy about. That sort of thing was what we discussed most often about. He’s a Mr. A-type. A man who’s able to pay attention to even the smallest things. But, he might also have a part of him that does things at his own pace. And, Matsujun’s mails are cute. That’s surprising, isn’t it? He used emoji like fireworks and so forth in the mail I received on my birthday a while ago, it was very new. He also does behind-the-scenes work for things like our concert performances. I think that’s also another good point about him.”

SAKURAI SHO on Matsumoto Jun

/3 days before out not-so-spoiled-comedian turn 31

 💕 25/30 edits of Jun 💕


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