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♬♪♫きっとまた巡り合う someday~♬♪♫

Matsumoto Jun (松本潤) - avatars 200*320


Ok, so let’s talk about the elephant in the room?

Why is it hard to find other fans that has Jun as their Ichiban? Even when I go on lj or during the concert in Hawaii or even my Tumblr feed, its the other 4? What’s wrong with perfect Jun?


Everybody needs a big gif of this cutiepie~

sc: wb



supercess Asked:
oh my god your tag about Nino on the Arashi cookbook cracked me up. i cant stop laughing omg hahahaha!

My answer:

but seriously what was he thinking putting a WHOLE mandarin in his mouth at once except to display how much can fit!!! 


ARASHI COOK BOOK 2008 - 2009


unkinsei said: sounds like you had fun! i loved your in-depth descriptions of the guys, especially nino’s, him poking jun with his shoe is killing me haha (did jun react??)

Thank you!!!  Jun turned around and was kind of like, “what?” but didn’t seem annoyed. Kind of like he was used to it :D Aimiya and Matsumiya seemed very at ease with each other. I think cause Sho spends his time making sure the guests are engaged and Oh-chan is dozing off …

supercess said: Wow! When I saw your post a few days ago about being there, I was looking for a redhead! haha ^_^ It seems fun! Thanks for sharing all your observations (esp. the Jun observations <3 <3 )

:D Thank you for looking! I think it’s really hard to spot someone in the audience, even if they are a bright haired foreigner. It was such an amazing and lucky experience, I tried to contain myself and not ramble on too much haha.


So I had the amazing opportunity to go to a recording of VS Arashi as you can see by my derp laughing self. It was one of the best fan experiences I have ever had. I was only in the fanclub for 10 months before I hit for the recording! So if you are only in Japan for a shorter period of time - do not fear! It is possible! I went alone and that was also okay. A lot of people went alone. I struck up a conversation with a girl who I met in line and we ended up sitting next to each other, clinging in nervousness. I also think that only basic Japanese is necessary to communicate when you are there. 

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If you want to know about me!

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I post a lot of things I hear/find on Japanese blogs and also do magazine translations related to Arashi tagged here. I am ridiculously shy but please say hi because I love talking to people~ :v :v

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